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Im sorry.

This could very well be the saddest thing you have actually submitted. The storyline was so simple it was like making a flash with poop in the middle of the frame with some silly music in the background. It seemed like you were trying too hard. This flash cannot compete with anything else that you have made. Im also sorry to see that just because of who you are, even people who dont understand the flash or who also think its kinda lame, will still give you a 10. I also don't understand how you got a daily second place.

you get a 4/10 for me because this flash had good animation and good sound quality but everything else sucked.

As harsh as it seemed, this is my honest, unbiased opnion.


Lol Plane.

You are good... better than me...so...good.


You fucking piss me off.... because your so good of course. lol.

the window was pissing me off because it looked like part of it was cut of even though it wasnt... w/e

good work though.

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For someone who is bored...

For someone who is bored this s a great game... although... it was a bit tough to start.. you kinda have to play for a while before you get real good.

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Deadmau5 style. Fur Shure. That bass is also a TINY bit heavy. Not like you need to worry anywho lol.

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Chord progression isnt telling a conclusive story... if that makes sense. But its clean, which in trance is huge. Also, nicely executed sidechain. The kick is a little round for me as well. Something with more of a tight sound. Similar to how the kick works with the clap at like 1:50.

I like it though :D

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Stone cold killer.

The beginning of this song is crazy and so intense. There is those two stabs followed by a high pitched squeal though that sounded a bit out of place. Otherwise I love the progression and how it goes from intense to a moment of stillness sort of, and then back to action.

Very good work. Im gonna go check out all your other stuff :)

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Michael425 responds:

Its supposed to be like those countdown noises before a race.
Thanks for the great review.


I give out longer and more specific reviews of music than the general user will. I generally do reviews of trance and techno but am open to other music as well. If you would like a "professional" review by me then send me a PM.

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